Controlling Rainwater Run Off With Trees

Posted on: July 23, 2013
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Controlling Rainwater Run Off With Trees

As we covered in last week's blog entry, trees can increase your property value, but they also help redirect where storm water goes. These trees help to suck up moisture out of the soil, increasing runoff storage potential. Their leaves help hold water as well as the bark and roots of the tree.

If you are looking into getting a tree to reduce storm run off and potential run off getting into your home, there are a few trees that are very good for this purpose. If, for example, you have an Ohio Buckeye tree that is 15 inches in diameter, it will absorb 2,464 gallons of storm water in that year and that amount raises according to the size of the tree. A 15 inches in diameter Ginko tree absorbs 3,116 gallons of water a year and a Sugar Maple of the same size absorbs 3,811 gallons of water in that same year! That water would otherwise be anywhere on your property, either creating a very soggy and muddy lawn or leaving large collections of water sitting on the surface of your yard. This water could also be problematic depending on which route it chose to run through your property. Think also about problems caused by runoff entering the city's sewer systems. The trees make your yard much more beautiful and easier to take care of. They also help keep your yard preserved the way that you want them to be by helping to hold down soil with its roots.

If any of this sounds like problems that you would like to resolve, give Arborx Tree Specialists a call. We plant your trees and help keep them healthy so they will continue to benefit your yard and help with run off control for years and years to come. Our office number is 513-759-8733 and you can also e mail us at