Is Your Rose of Sharon Blooming?

Posted on: July 2, 2013
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Is Your Rose of Sharon Blooming?

Hopefully it is in full bloom by now.

Was the timing of this glorious event a surprise again this year?  Many of us go about our lives not knowing or remembering when things happen in our yard any more accurately than sometime in the spring, or is it early summer, no; maybe it’s the fall after all?

Want to know how to reliably predict this and other events in your yard?  Use the following link and start early next year to predict many of the major happenings in your yard.  Maybe you love to attract humming birds to your yard, with this tool you will be able to predict the start and end of the humming bird season in Fairfield or where you live.  This way you will minimize the waste of nectar and still capture the full hummer viewing period.

Thank you to The Ohio State University, the Department of Entomology and Professor Dan Herms and staff for making this valuable tool available to us. 

So what if you do not have a Rose of Sharon in your yard?  Is one right for you?

The Rose of Sharon is a deciduous bush that will introduce a bit of tropical beauty to our more temperate climate.  They are a splash of refreshing color after the burst and departure of spring flowers.

The Rose of Sharon grows to eight to ten feet tall and spreads to about six feet wide.  The best placement is in full sun although the plant can also do well in partial shade. 

Arborx can help you decide if this shrub will flourish in your yard.  We can help with proper placement, professional planting and pruning techniques that are correct per ANSI guidelines.  We always give free estimates and will be happy to assist you in whatever tree or shrub issue you may have.

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