Liquid Root Feeding

Posted on: October 2, 2013
Tags: Maintenance
Liquid Root Feeding

Fall is a perfect time to feed your tree's root system. Arborx uses liquid root feeding to introduce hormones and nutrients to the root system. As the root feeding system will strengthen your tree, this in turn will help the tree protect itself from many pests and diseases. The system used is a probe that is forced into the ground through which the hormones and nutrients are introduced through a water solution. This method has several advantages over other methods. One advantage is it introduces water to your tree that may not have been present otherwise. It also helps to break up the soil and minimize compaction.

The hormone that we use has been derived from the Willow tree. As everyone may or may not know,Willow trees have a distinct ability to rejuvenate new roots at a rapid rate. This is why we have decided to stop using high nitrogen fertilizers, which could damage roots. We want to encourage root elongation instead of twig and branch elongation.

All of our trees were impacted in a negative way from last year’s drought. Vascular systems have constricted and have been slow to take water and nutrients up. Root growth hormones and nutrients may help to eliminate some of the stress from last year’s drought by reopening damaged vascular tissue within the tree and help to creat new, healthy, vibrant roots.

Beware of “tree guys” that try to sell homeowners on fertilization programs with high nitrogen content because, as stated above, high nitrogen can burn tree roots. The high nitrogen also incourages twig and branch elongation which may not be able to be supported by unhealthy root systems. 

We typically advise to feed your trees once per year for proper maintenance. Arborx stands ready to serve you in this and many other services.. Our estimates are free of charge, as they have always been. Our certified Arborist will visit your site to estimate any service that you are interested in and be able to assess the health of the trees in your yard. If you wish to have one of our arborists come and look at your trees, you can e-mail us at or call our office at (513) 759-8733.