What's YOUR Tree Worth?

Posted on: July 16, 2013
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What's YOUR Tree Worth?

Have you ever thought to yourself “What good are trees to me, anyway?” How could a tree possibly be worth the effort to buy, plant and maintain for as long as it lives? What if that tree raised the property value of your home, helped clean the air around your home, and helped curb the flooding from all the rain that the Cincinnati area has had lately?

A tree can provide all of the above and so much more. This week we will be talking about the value of your home increasing just because of one tree. Let's say that you are thinking about planting an Oak tree in your yard. If the tree grows to 15 inches in diameter when the diameter is measured 4 ½ feet from the ground, your property value will be raised by $58.74 Throughout the years, as the tree grows larger, the property value of your house will raise accordingly.

Let's say that you want a splash of color in your yard in tree form. The Japanese Maple is a good option. If it is 15 inches in diameter, it increases the property value by $50.71 and it also provides a beautiful splash of color if you are looking for something a little less green.

If you are looking for a specific kind of tree and you aren't sure how to figure out how much this tree will increase the value of your home, use the tree benefits calculator at www.treebenefits.com/calculator. You can choose the tree that you are thinking about planting or may already have in your yard, type in the diameter of the tree and figure out how this tree will increase property value, help get rid of storm water, help energy costs, air quality, and get rid of co2.

Now that you know how valuable this tree is to you, how can you maintain it's value for many years to come? Arborx provides many services that you can use. Two of the most valuable services that you can use are pruning and deep root fertilization. Pruning for wind and light penetration is a good way of keeping your tree beautiful and healthy. Deep root fertilization will also keep the tree healthy and alive for many years. Arborx also provides full pest control services to keep those pesky bugs and deseases at bay. Contact us at 513 759 8733 or e mail us at Arborx@gmail.com.