Tree Services

Complete health care for your trees means tapping into the expertise of ArboRx Tree Specialists. Click a service below to learn more. How can we help you? Contact us for your free consultation.



We at ArboRx want you to have healthy, beautiful trees that you can enjoy for years to come. We will educate you about how to care for and maintain your trees. Do you have an unhealthy tree?  Does your tree need to be removed or can it be saved? We believe in saving your tree whenever possible and providing education and options to accomplish this goal.

Growing Degree Days

Unlike us, trees don't grow just by the passing of time. Their growth is dependent on temperature. This temperature can be affected by several factors.  Does your tree spend more time in the sun or in the shade? How good is your soil? Even the amount of weeds and precipitation can indirectly influence their growth.

Would you like to know the cumulative Growth Degree Days for your trees this season? We encourage you to visit the Ohio State University OARDC Extension website.

How To Evaluate Your Trees

Do you think your trees only bring beauty and shade to your property? They actually do so much more. They reduce energy costs, provide cleaner air, isolate carbon and moderate storm water runoff among other things.

Are you intrigued? Would you like to know more about the benefits of the trees you currently have? Are you looking to add trees to your landscape? Visit the National Tree Benefit calculator to learn more.