Tree Services

ArboRx Tree Specialists' employees are trained to remove dead or dangerous limbs from your trees. 

We have tree climbers ascend to the top of your tree and using a second rope for rigging, will prune limbs from over your house or business without damaging any of your property under the tree. 

ArboRx can use a rubber-tracked lift to help bring down dangerous limbs safely and help get our employees to the ends of the branches that tree climbers cannot reach. 

Call ArboRx now for a free estimate to prune your trees and make your neighbors envy your properly-pruned trees.

ArboRx Tree Specialists has all the newest equipment for your tree removal needs. 

We have chippers which chip the tree materials 14" in diameter and smaller. 

We have a rubber-tracked 72' lift that can fit through a 36" gate and will not leave tire marks or ruts in your yard! 

Our mini skid steer loader helps move heavy wood from your property. 

Dump trucks and dump trailers are used to exit wood and debris from your property. 

ArboRx will not leave your property in a mess. All wood and debris from tree removals are picked up and raked up from every job. 

Call ArboRx now for a free estimate to remove your dead or dangerous tree today! 

ArboRx Tree Specialists can grind any stump once your tree has been removed. 

We can also remove the old stump grindings, fill the hole with new shredded topsoil, and spread grass seed and straw on the old stump areas. In 2-3 weeks, you can have what used to be an ugly stump in your yard turned into beautiful, level lawn again! 

Call ArboRx today for a free estimate to grind those ugly, decaying stumps today! 

ArboRx Tree Specialists can have a certified arborist come to your home, diagnose a tree, insect, or disease, and provide you a free estimate for treatment of several insects or diseases. 

Several states in the US have witnessed the Emerald Ashe Borer devastate our Ash tree and kill them within a short amount of time. ArboRx has been treating Ash trees with Tree-Age insecticide for approximately 14 years and have saved over 8,000 Ash trees from certain death! 

Call ArboRx now for a free diagnosis and treatment plan for tree pests and diseases. 

Recently, these common pests have been causing problems in trees in the Cincinnati area: 

  • Emerald Ash Borer
  • Bork Beetle damage in Pine trees
  • Bagworms
  • Spider mites and Needlecast in Spruce trees

Let ArboRx protect your trees and bushes in the future by using pesticides labeled for these pests today!

ArboRx Tree Specialists can plant several varieties of trees and bushes in your yard. 

Typically, we prefer to plant ball and burlap trees no larger than 2" trunk diameter or evergreen trees no taller than 10'. 

Let ArboRx have a certified arborist guide you in proper tree selection for the proper space you are trying to fill.

Call ArboRx today for a free consultation from a certified arborist for all of your tree planting needs! 

ArboRx Tree Specialists can feed your sick trees with nutrients and hormones. 

We inject the soil under pressure, reducing soil compaction and placing the nutrients and hormones within the top 12 inches of soil where 90% of tree roots actively grow. 

This feeding typically can be applied one to two times per year to help encourage new roots to grow and develop in our clay soils. 

Call ArboRx Tree Specialists today to have an arborist inspect the soil under your trees!